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Greetings and welcome to Serenity Collections, home of unique handwoven jewelry!

My name is Debbie, better known these day's as Debsparkles. Because I like sparkle and shine. As a teenager I became fascinated with Native American Crafts, specifically beadweaving and learned on my first Summer camp loom. Over the years my fascination grew along with my love of working with seedbeads and learning the many techniques of on and off loom weaving. I have a particular love of making Amulet bags which are used in many civilizations for many reasons but they have a very firm connection with Indian Medicine bags. I now do mostly off loom weaving, just my fingers and a needle and thread with piles of seedbeads every color under the sun. I have many choices of other beads to use as accents in my work, it could be a gemstone, it could be glass, what ever I use it will add the sparkle to my work that I need. The majority of my work is a OOAK (one of the kind) piece because when I am doing off loom work, I have never used a pattern.

You may see several items in my shop that look close to the same but never are they exact. I set my pile of beads in front of me and they dictate how my work comes out. If I do happen to add a loomed piece, be assured I have designed my own pattern.

Every once in a while, especially around Holiday time you will see some of my Old fashioned Sequin ornaments have been added to the shop. They are well made, with felt and sequins, handstitched one bead and one sequin at a time and reinforced for years of life in your home. Thank you for stopping by my page, come back often as I try to add new work each week.

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In addition to selling my crafts on Etsy and eBay, soon I will have a shopping cart right on this site so that visitors and purchase my products directly from me (PayPal and Credit Cards will be accepted of course), so be sure to bookmark this page and check back! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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